“‘Where Did You Go?’ Lovely, great vocal, songwriting, heartfelt, in the pocket harmony.”

Mike Whitney

Mongo Says

"Early" by Cyndi Craven

A new release of some old favorites … the best from Cyndi’s two CDs plus four singles… 18 Songs on one album! Available as a digital album (includes a bonus track!) or physical CD on Bandcamp.com (you can also buy individual songs). Or pick up a CD at Cyndi’s next show!

“A sense of wonder is forever young and forever present in her work.”

Margie G. McAbee

"Early" Lyrics, Credits & Songwriting Notes

A free 30-page PDF downloadable file.

“Cyndi Craven’s songs are the affirmations of a strong, sensitive heart, adorned with an artist’s gift for making words and music flow together like trapeze artists working the high wire. If you like lyrics that reach your inner self, sung to tunes that magnify their meaning, listen to some of Cyndi’s songs. You’ll be glad you did.”

Br. Shankara

First Sunday Concerts (Vedanta Center of Atlanta)

“Cyndi captures the essence of love, admiring, observing, yet basking in the feeling. In the song ‘Dreaming’ she defines the surrealistic imagery of dreaming, and friendship. And the most important lesson of all, in the title song, that of interdependence. Beautiful. And I am her student.”

Martin L. Taylor

iTunes review of "Lessons" CD

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